Divine Guidance Reading


NOTE: You are purchasing a personalized reading by a professional Tarot Reader using the tarot cards described in the product. You are NOT purchasing the actual Tarot Deck. NO REFUND will be given if you have misunderstood this.

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Walking our path in life isn’t always easy. There are times when we need explanation and understanding about what is occurring in our lives or direction as to where we are heading.

This stunning 44 cards gold gilded deck connects to the heart of the reader, providing meaningful and useful guidance.
Divine Guidance is the follow up deck from the author of the best-selling Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards Cheryl Lee Harnish which have proven themselves for their accuracy and heart-felt messages.
This is the perfect Oracle for someone who may want to know what energies are around them and what they may need to work on as far as self-improvement on a higher level is concerned.



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