Flower Oracle Reading


NOTE: You are purchasing a personalized reading by a professional Tarot Reader using the tarot cards described in the product. You are NOT purchasing the actual Tarot Deck. NO REFUND will be given if you have misunderstood this.

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The Victorian Flower Oracle is a charming set of 40 cards that brings the symbolism and language of flowers to life. Each flower is depicted as a woman, dressed in petals, in these cards based on the art of Victorian artist, JJ Grandville.
An homage to the Victorian era, the deck has an authentic feel in costume, concept, and artistic illustrations, and easy-to-understand images that are expressive and interesting, never bland. Step back in time with the language of flowers and the Victorian Flower Oracle, and gain its gentle insight into your daily life.
This type of reading is usually very to the point despite the gentle appearance of flowers. It is very suitable when querent has a specific question in mind, in particular regarding any type of relationships; workplace, romantic or family situations.


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